Understand that works don’t save us, rather good works follow true faith as our beliefs and actions line up with each other.

James had a unique earthly relationship with Jesus, but his  letter clarifies what the Christian life should look like for us all.  The Book of James is filled with practical wisdom for Christians,  calling us to live out genuine faith through good works, but it is also  rooted in rich theology. Perhaps more than any other book in the New  Testament, James emphasizes the application of Christian belief.

This 13-session study examines the core message of James: the  relationship between faith and works. In our own ability, we cannot  stand in the face of adversity. Without faith we could never find the  strength to trust God. We would never be able to see above the trials we  meet and to keep our eyes focused on the King while counting our trials  as joy. This is the essence of James. We don’t work to be saved; we  work because we are saved. Faith apart from works can never be  sustained.